Marrie Loves Some Pets

That would be Witherspoon’s company Hello Sunshine — even before before the club started, she looked to books for properties to produce, most notably HBO’s Big Little Lies. Several of her book club picks have already been optioned for film or TV, including Celeste Ng’s Little Fires Everywhere, which Witherspoon will star in along with Kerry Washington. Harden says the show has a built in audience, “because we’ve got a following of dedicated fans.

They love Celeste Ng and they love this book.”
And if the book brings fans to the show, the show is very likely to bring more readers to the book, says BookScan’s Kristen McLean. “Once that film project hits the market, there’s a whole other wave again of awareness and promotion and marketing, and the book, again, will come right back onto the bestseller list.

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